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At the end of each month (starting in June 2021 through August 2021) a subscriber to the newsletter will be chosen at random to receive a prototype 3D printed bust of ARC ATHENA's leader and pointman, DIVANA!

The newsletter contains updates about the mini-series, behind-the-scenes art and pre-production materials, and critical information about the project's launch in September 2021 - ARC ATHENA VOL.1! Sign up now for a chance to to receive this free gift!

(Disclaimer: While the quality of this 3D printed bust is remarkable, it should be noted that it is still a work in progress and will therefore arrive unpainted with minor unfinished nuances that are to be expected out of a "prototype". All gift recipients will be contacted via the email that was used to subscribe to the newsletter, and will request for their mailing information. A reply will be required within 7 business days. Otherwise, claims will be forfeit and another subscriber will be chosen at random. All items will be packaged as carefully as possible and shipped with a tracking number at our expense.)


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Adored by their followers as they live stream their heroism to billions of fans throughout the world, ARC ATHENA is a group of superpowered beings custom built for today's fame-obsessed audience. Each member of the team is exactly what their fans need them to be: A perfect dream.

Unfortunately, reality is much grittier and definitely not meant for social media. 

Enter ARC POSEIDON: The team tasked to do all the dark things we never want to admit to in order keep our world safe.

Written and illustrated by Eric Canete (with colors by Giuliano Peratelli and letters by Eric Weathers), join us for this 5-issue limited series packed with high-octane action, as our heroes combat an extinction level event alien invasion.

Sign up for the ARC ATHENA newsletter for image and promotion previews, progress updates, and exclusive premiums leading into the Indiegogo crowdfunding launch in September 2021 for Issue01! 



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