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Optimizing Your Creativity: Working Side-by-Side with Creators

Working along side people who have similar, laser-focused goals is an inspired way to 1) Getting stuff done; when you're in the company of motivated and goal oriented people, you don't want to be the person slowing down your team, 2) Keep yourself accountable as to what can be accomplished; you're keeping yourself in the mix with those who will give you a point of reference as to what "good" looks like, and 3) Be in a circle of colleagues and friends who keep the momentum of creativity going and who are genuinely excited for your success.

The writers and artists from Iconic Comics all work apart from each other geographically. When we catch up at shows or get-togethers, we take the opportunity to tackle at least two of the three points I mentioned above. Full disclosure: I believe that I am often the person who is bringing up the rear when it comes to our individual projects. I love this challenge because it allows me to reflect on a way forward, using their successes as an ideal true north.

I'm so excited to announce the projects we're all collaborating on for 2024, and even more excited to finally share with you some of the writing and art. If you haven't already invested in our books, I hope that this season there's something that I can do to help you pull that trigger.

That said, here's a preview page of the short story that I'm working on with my pal Doug Ernst for his Iconic Comics series "Soul Finder". The collaboration was/is refreshing as he understands and respects his fellow creatives; he's very much tuned in to the craft of making memorable comic books and he understands that goes hand-in-hand with the artists he works with.

Soul Finder: "Noctis Terrores". Story by Doug Ernst, Art by Eric Canete. Colors by Giuliano Peratelli.

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I have read only one of the Soulfinder books and that was the Black Hops-Karmen America team up book. The concept of the book is fascinating and I need to buy some pf the solo books. It'll be interesting to see how your art adds to this title.

Me gusta
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