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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

One of the most exciting reasons to launch this website is to have this page where I can update supporters of my crowdfunding campaign for the "ARC ATHENA" miniseries.

I'm a firm believer in garnering audience and trust, and I'm convinced that having transparency on the process and progress of this project in establishing and continuing to build on the trust equity that you've extended to me as a backer.

The current plan is to use this page as a supplement my weekly streams (Monday nights starting at 8PM PST via my YOUTUBE CHANNEL) in which you will be able to see a visual and written audit of what I've finished week to week, as well as inviting your inquiries about the project, the campaigns and status of your books.

Here are examples of what you will see as I update! Thank again for your support, and keep your eyes out for the announcements on when the IndieGogo campaigns go live!

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